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Millions of animals are suffering in Nepal right now. Join us to end animal Cruelty


We treat and rescue more than 7000 injured animals within Kathmandu Valley.

Sneha’s Care exists to build a humane community that promotes compassion through the humane treatment of animals, humane education and community service.

Your support is needed NOW to end cruelty

Every year, more than 10000 street animals die in Nepal from illness, diseases and accidents. Proper medical treatment, population control and creating a healthy environment are the ONLY solutions for sustainable street animal management. Our interventions are helping street dogs and farm animals in Nepal.

How are we making a difference?

Our medical team spent 80% of their working time on the streets of Kathmandu Valley and treats wounded, fractured and ill street animals and also vaccinates them. We are working together with community and future leaders and promoting kindness towards animals.


Take a tour or volunteer in our animal shelter

Hundreds of visitors tour our animal shelter in a week and learn about the impact we are making and offer their help for animals in need and even adopt from our shelter.  Volunteers and visitors are heartily welcomed in our Dog shelter and farm animal sanctuary to spend quality time with our animals.

We are accepting limited visitors at the moment due to COVID issues. Do write to us if you want to plan a visit.

Are you ready to help?

COVID-19 has significantly impacted our funding. Our life-saving work with animals hasn’t stopped, but we need your help now more than ever. Make a donation OR sponsor an animal from our dog shelter and/or farm animal sanctuary.


Our Sanctuaries

Our Residencies for Rescued animals


Sneha’s Care Dog Shelter

Since its inception in 2014, Sneha's Care has been working for the welfare of the stray dogs. With the long-term vision of treatment and care of street dogs of Kathmandu, Sneha’s Care started its own dog shelter in 2016. The shelter at Sneha's Care is located at Bhaisepati Bhanjyang over an area of 5087 sq meters. The dog shelter covers 2543 sq meters and the rest of the area is divided into a kitchen, a medical room, a store and a huge playground for the dogs. 20 members of the staff have been mobilized at the shelter with 6 administration members, 4 technicians and 6 helpers. The shelter can house 200 dogs at its maximum capacity with 140 kennels and cages. There are separate cages for animals in need of isolation. Currently, the shelter houses almost 170 dogs, which have all been rescued from the streets in critical conditions among which many are in long-term recovery.

Farm Animal Shelter

Sneha’s Care built farm animal sanctuary on 2018 to provide shelter and medical care for the abandoned farm animals, which are found on the streets of Kathmandu. The farm animal sanctuary is located near to the Dog shelter and has an area of 5500 sq. meters, which includes 24 temporary shelters, and per 15 permanent shelters for small and large animals. Currently, this animal sanctuary accommodates 22 cows, 6 pigs, 5 goats and 8 calves. The sanctuary also has a medical / treatment room, store, and kitchen. Two full-time vet technicians four caretakers/helpers are employed to manage the sanctuary. As the cases are increasing day by day and we’re exceeding our holding capacity, Sneha’s Care is looking for resources to expand the capacity of the farm sanctuary that could accommodate around 150 small and large farm animals.


In the Known

Check updates about our incredible stories of animal rescues, adoptions, recovery and other happenings. 

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Sneha's Care is a  non-profit animal welfare organization, based in Kathmandu, Nepal. 


We take action to STOP  the animals from suffering.

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