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Sneha’s Care Dog Shelter

Since its inception in 2014, Sneha’s Care has been working for the welfare of street dogs. With the long-term vision of treatment and care of street dogs in Kathmandu, Sneha’s Care started its own dog shelter in 2016. The shelter at Sneha’s Care is located at Bhaisepati Bhanjyang over an area of 5087 sq meters. The dog shelter covers 2543 sq meters and the rest of the area is divided into a kitchen, a medical room, a store, and a huge playground for the dogs. 20 members of the staff have been mobilized at the shelter with 6 administration members, 4 technicians, and 6 helpers. The shelter can house 200 dogs at its maximum capacity with 140 kennels and cages. There are separate cages for animals in need of isolation. Currently, the shelter houses almost 170 dogs, which have all been rescued from the streets in critical conditions among which many are in long-term recovery.


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