About Us

Sneha’s Care is a non-profit organization established in 2015 in the Lalitpur district of Nepal. We are committed to creating a society where all animals are treated humanely. Protecting animals from all forms of abuse, cruelty, and torture is the main focus of our work. In order for this to happen, Sneha’s Care could not limit its program to saving animals and providing for their medical requirements and started various projects for the welfare of animals in various possible fields. In order to create rigorous animal welfare policies, we promote animal welfare and work with government agencies and other organizations with similar visions. We believe that ending all forms of animal exploitation should be a goal for every individual, organization, and the government.


Our Story

We started out as a small group of animals lovers just wanting to improve the lives of those animals who were in need of help. We have treated and rescued more than 20,000 animals by 2022 and will give continuity to our work. In the beginning people, were unaware about the welfare of animals. With our dedication and humane education, people got apprehensive towards the abuse animals have been enduring. They started to raise a voice against animal abuse. Whether it be an injured dog lying in the streets or a house dog who used to be tied up every time at the rooftop of a house with thick chains, people started raising their voice against animal cruelty. This is definitely a result of our continuous dedication and advocacy along with the humane education towards the welfare and rights of animals for a long period. Not only have we rescued dogs in our animal sanctuary but we also have rescued calves, cows along with other animals like goats, pigs, sheep and buffaloes who were on their way to a slaughterhouse.


Way forward

Sneha’s Care has been working tirelessly to introduce animal welfare policies in Nepal to safeguard the welfare of animals and ensure penalties for any animal abuse and cruelty, along with running the shelter. Additionally, Sneha’s Care promotes animal welfare awareness on a national level and educates the populace to have compassion for all animals. Sneha’s Care has been treating and rescuing the injured, sick, diseased animals in the community and along with that we have been conducting various programs such as Vegan education outreach in different schools, plant-based community outreach programs, humane education, vegan-chef training programs in different restaurants, mobile treatment for community animals, animal birth control programs, anti-rabies vaccination programs, farm animals welfare programs. We will be giving continuity to all our programs towards the welfare of animals.

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Sneha's Care is a non-profit animal rescue organization, based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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