Volunteers are an integral part of our team. Volunteers in Sneha’s care can help in many aspects. Volunteers at Sneha’s Care Shelter will have many different duties, like assisting in the rehabilitation of traumatized animals, raising money at our events, giving a dog waiting for its new home some extra love and attention, or ensuring our centers look welcoming and attractive to visitors and potential adopters. You might also engage in efforts to control the overpopulation of stray animals during your time at a dog rescue center.

Over the last year, we have cared for over 6,700 animals in mobile treatment and our volunteers gave a phenomenal total of around 27,820 hours of their precious time to Sneha’s Care. Volunteers do make a real difference in an animal’s life.

For additional information about Volunteer, please email us at info@snehacare.com or call us at +9779808645023 +97715909023