Volunteers play a crucial role in our team. Volunteers in Sneha’s care can be helpful in many ways. Assisting in the rehabilitation of traumatized animals, raising money at our events, providing extra love and attention to a dog awaiting adoption, or making sure that our centers are welcoming and appealing to guests and potential adopters are just a few of the varied tasks that volunteer at Sneha’s Care Shelter perform. During your volunteer period at our dog rescue facility, you might also take part in initiatives to reduce the number of community animals.

Over the last year, we have cared for over 2o,000 animals in mobile treatment, and our volunteers have donated an amazing amount of over 30,000 hours of their own time to Sneha’s Care. A substantial difference is made in an animal’s life by volunteers.

For additional information about volunteering, please email us at info@snehacare.com or call us at +9779808645023.


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