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Vegan Chef Trainings

Sneha’s Care takes a holistic approach by not only rescuing and caring for animals but also actively promoting the adoption of a vegan lifestyle. Through dedicated efforts, the organization is expanding its outreach to engage with an even wider audience, advocating for the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Vegan Chef training is one of the initiatives towards promoting veganism. Vegan foods are new to Nepalese restaurants. Nepalese foods such as rice, lentils, Mo: Mo ( dumplings), etc are mostly served with meat or with dairy products such as butter, cheese, yogurt, milk, or ghee. With difficulty in getting vegan meals in most of the restaurants, Sneha’s care is determined to introduce and make vegan meals available in as many restaurants’ food menu as possible and continuously working on it. In this regard, we have collaborated with many restaurants, chefs, managers, vegan activists, vegan chefs, vegan food producers, and other personal related to this campaign.

We believed teaching vegan food culinary arts to the chef and encourage them to put the vegan menu on their restaurants would be a big step forward in our campaign, where all the vegan food lovers would enjoy their preferred meals and at the same time the promotion of veganism and vegan foods among non-vegan audiences is what the campaign is targeting.





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