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Our Attempts to Ban Long Distance Live Animal Transportation

Every morning, thousands of buffaloes are illegally transported to the city from the borders beyond capacity of transport vehicles, overcrowded, and often mixed with sick and injured animals. The whole journey is cruel and painful to the innocent animals. Sneha’s Care has been campaigning for awareness and advocating for stricter laws and alternatives to Live Animal Transportation, collaborating with international organizations, and monitoring animal quarantine check posts. Violations of government standards during transportation were found, including overcrowding, lack of food and water, use of ropes causing injuries , mixing animals of different ages and physical conditions causing stress, over stacking of goats leading to suffocation and exhaustion and unmanaged execution processes.


Our team investigate every week visiting the Kathmandu checkpoint to check whether the animals are being transported by following the animal transportation guidelines. The truck drivers, herders and ranchers are told about the guidelines and awareness is given on how the criteria of animals should be transported without harming them. We have been lobbying with the concerned stakeholders but till date, the acts have not yet been put into effect. These issue needs to gain the attention of concerned bodies so we have been posting an awareness campaign in our social media too. Everyone, people consuming meat and momos need to know about this matter of animal sufferings and we are trying our best to reach out to more people to end their sufferings.


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