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Sneha’s Care isn’t just about cats and dogs! Our mission extends to all creatures in need, and that includes farm animals. We welcome cows, buffalo, sheep, goats, and pigs who have found themselves in difficult situations. These animals often come to us through heartbreaking circumstances. Sometimes, they’re abandoned, left to wander, and moo, grunt,  in distress after days of hunger. Other times, we intervene at slaughterhouses, rescuing them from the trauma of being hammered. We’ve also rescued animals from temples where they were slated for sacrifice in the name of religious beliefs. In each case, our team works swiftly to bring them to safety at our shelter.

Once here, their well-being is our top priority. We create designated living areas for each species, ensuring they have ample space to roam and socialize according to their natural behaviors. Their dietary needs are meticulously addressed. We provide a steady supply of hay, fresh green grass, and other essential food sources to keep them healthy and nourished. Additionally, we offer dedicated grazing areas where they can further explore and express their natural instincts. Our commitment to their care extends beyond physical needs. We provide a warm and cozy space for them to rest comfortably, especially during harsh weather conditions.  To ensure their continued health, we maintain a comprehensive vaccination schedule, protecting them from preventable diseases. This vital expansion of our mission wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of our generous donors. Their kind hearts and belief in our mission allow us to provide these rescued farm animals with the treatment, care and love they deserve.

How You Can Help?

Donate: Your contributions, big or small, directly impact the lives of these rescued animals. Every bit helps us provide them with food, shelter, veterinary care, and a safe shelter.

Visit here (DONATION LINK) to contribute to their well-being. Spread Awareness: Share our story and mission with your friends, family, and network. This is a very important part.

Volunteer: If you have the time and skills, consider volunteering at our shelter. You can help with animal care, cleaning, or administrative tasks.




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