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Donkeys and mules in Manang district

Nepal’s majestic Himalayan region, while breathtaking in beauty, presents unique challenges for both humans and animals. The rugged terrain and harsh climate limit livestock populations, but for those who call these mountains home, animals like yaks, mules, and donkeys are vital companions. They serve as a source of livelihood, transportation, and even warm clothing through yak and goat wool. Unfortunately, awareness of animal welfare often struggles to reach these remote communities. Recognizing this need, Sneha’s Care launched the “Himalayan Equine Welfare Project” in 2017. This initiative centered around the Annapurna Conservation Area, tackles the critical issue of animal welfare in the region.

A key focus of the project is ending the harmful practice of overloading and overworking these hardworking animals. Through dedicated efforts, the project has expanded its reach to several isolated Himalayan locations.

A Story of Compassion in Action: The Manang District Equine Health Treatment Camp

In 2017, Sneha’s Care partnered with the Manang District Livestock Service Office (DLSO) to conduct a life-changing “Equine Health Treatment Camp.” The camp, initially set up in Manang, traveled to surrounding villages like Chame, Koto, Dharapani, and Tal, reaching a population of tentative 300 mules and donkeys identified through a prior survey.

The dedicated team treated a staggering 180 animals, addressing a range of health concerns. These included hoof and joint problems, tick infestations, nutritional deficiencies, and even injuries sustained from harnesses or encounters with snow leopards. Beyond treatment, the project prioritized education. A half-day workshop, titled “Good Health for Equine,” equipped 23 equine owners with the knowledge to handle minor health issues and ensure the long-term well-being of their valued companions.

The Himalayan Equine Welfare Project is our commitment to extending a helping hand – and hoof – to all animals in need, no matter how remote their home may be.



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