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Age: 3 years old

Color: Black

Sex: Female

About me: Don’t I have a mane like a lion?? I am the unique one at the shelter due to this feature of mine. But please don’t judge me by how I look because I have a shy nature. You can pet me as much as you like but I need my space as well. I was paralyzed when I was brought to the shelter. Now, you can see me running around everywhere. 

Why adopt/sponsor me: You might have heard many hit-and-run cases but mine is a little different from others present at the shelter. Some drunkard who was riding on their bikes ran over me while I was sleeping in the streets. Not one but two bikes continuously ran over my legs one after the other. The pain was unbearable for me due to which I screamed for help continuously. It was night time which made the people nearby come outside to see what happened to me. One person was kind enough to take me to the nearby animal hospital. Though I was partially treated, I had nowhere to go in that condition. Then came my savior, Sneha’s Care whose care made me the way I am today. Can you adopt me and provide me with a forever loving home?? You can sponsor me and take care of my monthly expenses as well. 

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