Name: Punte

Age: 7 years old   

Gender: Male 

Color:  Dark brown

About me: You can see me but I am unable to as I am a blind cow. The reason for my abandonment was because I could no longer see. How cruel and selfish were my owners who used me for their benefits and after becoming disabled, they left me in the streets to suffer. I was rescued on 6th September 2018 from Bhaisepati by my angel Sneha Shrestha. She could not see the pain I was enduring so I was immediately taken to the shelter.

Why sponsor me:  Out of 17 cows present in the shelter who all went through some sufferings before coming to the shelter, I am the only one who is unable to see. I’ve been staying here for the past 5 years and have been under the care of Sneha’s Care. I am thankful to the entire team but would also like to request whoever is reading my story to sponsor me. With your help, I will be able to cover my monthly expenses. I am waiting to get help from you. Thank you all for going through my story.