Our Team

The Beating Heart of Sneha’s Care: Our Dedicated Team

We believe that powerful change starts with a passionate team. At Sneha’s care, We are a united force driven by a single, unwavering mission: to create a world brimming with compassion, where animals are free from cruelty, mistreatment, and distress. It’s a vision that fuels every action we take, every animal we help. Our dedicated team is the backbone of Sneha’s Care. We are divided into two key groups, each playing a vital role in ensuring the well-being of the animals we serve:

The Administrative Team: Champions of Communication and Growth

This team acts as the voice of Sneha’s Care, crafting a strong presence across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.  They diligently manage our website and email communication, keeping everyone informed about our work and the animals in our care. But their talents extend far beyond communication.  The Administrative Team is the engine of our growth. They develop creative fundraising initiatives like “Hike-Furr-Paws” and “Music-Fur-Paws,” tapping into the generosity of our supporters.  Additionally, they tirelessly apply for grants and subsidies from local and international organizations, ensuring a steady flow of resources to support our animal welfare programs. Their meticulous reporting keeps track of every step we take, ensuring transparency and accountability.  And when a call for help comes in, they don’t hesitate – they act as the crucial link, swiftly communicating rescue calls to the Operational Team, ensuring a timely and coordinated response that saves lives.

The Operational Team: Angels on the Ground

While the Administrative Team champions communication and growth, our Operational Team embodies the spirit of action. They are the frontline heroes, the ones who directly translate our mission into tangible care for the animals.

Imagine a desperate call – a stray dog hit by a car, a neglected cow in a remote village, a buffalo in a slaughterhouse. This is where the Operational Team shines. They are the boots on the ground,  reaching out for rescue calls and swiftly bringing suffering animals to the safety of our shelter. Their dedication extends far beyond rescue. Once these animals reach us, the Operational Team becomes their guardian angels. They provide daily care, ensuring each animal’s needs are met, from a warm and comfortable stay area to a nourishing diet and all the required medications. Whether it’s a playful pup or an aging farm animal, they shower them with love and attention. One of their most crucial roles involves mobile treatment. This dedicated team doesn’t wait for animals in need to come to them. They take care directly to the heart of the community, venturing into remote areas with our mobile treatment vans. Equipped with essential medical supplies, they become lifesavers for countless animals who might otherwise go untreated. Whether it’s administering vaccinations, tending to wounds, or providing basic veterinary care, they ensure that even animals in the most inaccessible locations receive the medical attention they deserve. They understand the emotional toll neglect or abuse can take on an animal. Through gentle handling, positive reinforcement, and a whole lot of love, they help these animals heal, not just physically, but emotionally as well. Together, the Administrative and Operational Teams form the dynamic core of Sneha’s Care.  One team fosters awareness and growth, while the other translates that support into tangible care.  It’s a beautiful synergy. Sneha’s care all in all is the power of teamwork fueled by compassion, making a real difference in the lives of animals every single day.

Mrs. Mira Thapa

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