Ganesh Shrestha

Photographer/ Videographer

Ganesh has been a very dedicated Photographer/Videographer at Sneha’s Care since 2017. He utilizes his skills of capturing captivating images and videos to showcase the day to day routine of the dogs and farm animals at our animal shelter, their eating habits, the journey of animals from pain to recovery, their unique personalities and emotions etc. Everything that we post on our Social Media is possible because of Ganesh’s contribution. The content he provides plays a crucial role in helping to find loving homes for the animals, raising awareness for animal welfare in the community and Sponsorship for wounded animals and much more. Beyond photography, Ganesh is a dynamic team player who ensures a clean and hygienic environment at the shelter. Additionally, he also provides crucial support to vet technicians during medical procedures, demonstrating his proficiency in handling equipment and ensuring a smooth workflow for the veterinary team when needed. Last but certainly not least, he has shown remarkable compassion and professionalism in his role as a dog catcher/rescuer. He says he finds relaxation in exploring movies of various genres when he is not working. Ultimately, Ganesh’s passion lies in improving the lives of animals. His dedication and multifaceted skill set make him a valuable asset to our organization.

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