Be an inspiration:

Your act of sponsorship might inspire others to get involved and support similar causes, creating a positive ripple effect in the community.


With around 170+ injured and abandoned community dogs and farm animals in our care at any time, we really need your help. Puppies we rescue at our shelter are more likely to find their forever home. However, many rescued and injured dogs and animals need a little special care from us.

As we are a non-profit service-oriented organization, we are totally dependent on the kindness of people like you.  You can contribute from your side by covering up a dogs monthly expense for 35 USD and 50 USD for farm animals.


How Sponsorship works

It couldn’t be easier to sponsor a dog or our farm animal in our care.

Step 1 – Choose a dog or farm animal to sponsor

Step 2 – Set up your sponsorship

Step 3 – Enjoy monthly updates from your Sponsored Dog or Sponsored Farmed Animal

For additional information about sponsorship, please email us at info@snehacare.com or call us at +977-9808645023 


Thank you for providing a chance for a better life!!