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Name: Prem

Age: 5 years

Color: Brown

Sex: Male

About me: Prem meaning love relates to me as I have an abundant source of love towards my dog and human companions. Along with my other two brown furry mates, we spread fun and sometimes wreak havoc around the shelter. Recognizing us, is also quite easy, as everyone notices the three brown dogs roaming the shelter together. The three of us can get really at times, when there things to bark at, like: crows, etc. Sometimes, we overwhelm our human visitors, when we surround them start playing and licking them simultaneously.

Why Adopt/Sponsor me: I had gone through a lot before I came to the shelter. A street dog freely roaming the roads of Kathmandu valley, everything was taken away from him when a car struck one of my legs and left me not being able to move myself. I pulled myself to a safe spot under an abandoned car and started whimpering and crying in pain. The sound I made must have caught the attention of some dog lovers, as Sneha’s care came to save me from this situation. They tended to my wounds but I was not able to put my weight on my leg. I immediately fell down in agony. With technicians well versed on walking therapies, I was able to gradually walk and later put full weight on my leg. I recovered and now Sneha’s care was my home.

Healthy dogs like me who can’t get back on the streets are in huge numbers here at the shelter. Adopting one dog can help the organization and the dog a lot. So will you adopt me and include me in your family?

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