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Name: Blue

Age: 1.5 years old

Color: Dark black

Sex: Male

About me: Hey! I am a dark black colored dog, but you can call me Blue since I go by that name. I’m the son of the most famous dog in our shelter. My dad is famous because he is a strong-willed dog. He has been taking care of me and my three other siblings by himself. We used to live in the streets of Thamel, a very hectic area. We were really young and were having difficulty surviving in the streets. We faced food scarcity and we were constantly scared of being bitten by other dogs. Let’s not even get started about the hit-and-run cases. We have witnessed so many deaths, so obviously we had a fear of vehicles running over us. Our life took a turning point when our godmother Sneha saw our condition. She took us all to a shelter where we were able to eat properly, sleep fearlessly, and were loved selflessly. 

Why adopt/sponsor me: When we were all brought to the shelter, our health was poor, as you might know how life is for community animals. Because of Sneha’s Care, I am fully vaccinated and neutered as well. My health is perfectly fine now, but I also want other community dogs to be rescued. I want other street dogs like me to get a place where they are loved and cared for, where they don’t have to fear people and fear hunger. And for that to happen, either I need to get adopted by a new family or I should get a sponsor to bear my expenses. Will you be my savior?

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