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Name: Elena

Age: 1.5 years

Color: Blackish brown

Sex: Female

About me: Hello! My name is Elena. One thing you must know about me is that both of my hind limbs are paralyzed as I was hit by a vehicle. Since then, I have been dragging my limbs to walk. Regardless of my situation, I am a very playful puppy and I love playing with everyone. I used to live with my mother and two siblings before I was brought to the shelter.

Why adopt/sponsor me: After being hit by a car, I felt that my life would end now. I’m just 2 months old and have so much more to explore, but I thought that is something I wouldn’t be able to do anymore. Fortunately, one of my feeders contacted Sneha’s Care after seeing me struggle on the streets. Sneha’s Care team immediately came to my rescue on 7th June 2022 and they brought me to their shelter. I am happy and grateful to be here. The team is trying their best to help me walk normally as I used to before. They have been regularly checking me and keeping me under medication. I might not b

e able to walk like my other normal friends, but I am definitely thankful that I’m alive. I like staying here but I would love to live with a family who would love and accept me the way I am. So, do you mind helping me find a new home or being my caretaker as long as I live?

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