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Name: Jange

Age: 8 years

Color: Black

Sex: Male

About me: Hi! My name is Jange. I am given this name because of my fierce appearance. I used to live in the Basantapur area before coming to Sneha’s Care shelter. While living in the streets, I depended on people for food. Few passersby and shop owners nearby would give me food when they felt like giving. Well, it was still better than nothing. Since I looked perfectly healthy, no one noticed my fractured leg. It looked crooked, but everyone thought that I was born that way. A humble person informed Sneha’s Care about me so that I could be treated. 

Why adopt/sponsor me: I was brought to the shelter on the 7th of June, 2022 for treatment and a medical check-up. I had my check-up done and found out that my front right leg cannot be treated, which means that I am permanently disabled. I am an old dog. Well, an old and disabled dog on top of that, but is it selfish for me to say that even in this situation, I still want to live, play, and share love and joy with people? Life in the street was difficult in terms of survival. I had to constantly look for food. I was always scared about if people were going to beat me or if any vehicle was going to run me over. I got the taste of love and care only when I came to the shelter. Is it too much for me to ask for a family to adopt me? If I’m able to get a sponsor or a family who can adopt me and treat me with love as I am getting here at the shelter, I would be grateful to them. 

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