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Name: Jolly

Age: 5 years

Color: Black and Brown

Sex: Female

About me: Like my name suggests, I am a jolly little fellow, whose positive energy is very contagious. I am always in a happy mood and ready to play. Be careful getting your face near me, as I might get saliva all over by licking it. I love playing fetch with a tennis ball or a rope but have a hard time returning it. Visitors get very quickly attached with me due to my playful nature and I love being the center of their attention.

Why Adopt/Sponsor me: My experience of being a pet was of conditional love. My family cared and provided for me until I was a bother to them. They looked after my minimum requirements and when I got sick and they had to spend more resources and energy on me, they abandoned me on the streets. The tough streets made my sickness worse, as I was very close to death with a weakening body and irregular consumption of nutritious food. The team delivered my ailing body to the shelter and different medication was provided for me. The expert team at the shelter was able to cure my dreadful state in a moment of few weeks only and I was slowly regaining my health.

It is difficult to go back to the streets for dogs like me as we might not be welcomed in other’s territory. My jolly nature and name makes me an ideal mutt to adopt and play with your children. So if you are in search of a cute dog to spread positivity around your life, I may be the one for you.

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