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Name: Jethi

Age: 5 years

Color: Black

Sex: Female

About me: I am the eldest among three siblings and also the leader among them. My younger sister and brother are very respectful towards me and they do as I say. Our family connection is quite special so we really don’t need anyone else to play or interact with. Being the elder sister, I have a dominant behavior towards not just my sibling but towards other dogs too. I take advantage of people who are not so assertive and dirty up their clothes, forcing my dominant play.

Why Adopt/Sponsor me: Coming into the shelter with my other two siblings, we were brought in from Sankhu in our most vulnerable condition as a pup and were gave a home with nutritious food and a cozy place to sleep. What would these parentless pups, struggling on the streets ask more for. Sneha’s care was an oasis was for us as our survival was not guaranteed if we were on the streets. We are always towards Sneha’s care in this matter. But we are healed and healthy now we taking up resources from the shelter, which a more underprivileged dogs can take advantage of. So if you are in search of a protective family dog, who can guard you and keep your family safe, I am the girl for you.

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