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Name: Hammer

Age: 4 years

Color: Light Brown

Sex: Male

About me: Hey there. It’s Hammer. My unique name has a whole traumatic story which I shall mention below. My past has made me very careful and weary near humans. So, I don’t socialize much with them. I prefer to stay alone and observe my fellow canines playing around. Gradually, I was able to befriend a few furry friends, who I really enjoy playing with and somethings wreak havoc at the shelter.

Why Sponsor/Adopt Me: My story is quite dramatic and tragic, so fasten your seatbelts before reading. I was roaming a construction site one day, in search of food, when a construction worker got irritated by my presence and kicked me. I bit the guy’s leg in response and in extreme pain and anger, he smashed a hammer on my head repeatedly, in a violent manner. The force was so intense that the hammer was stuck to my head. I was unconscious immediately and drenched in red with my blood. I was ready to meet my end but Sneha’s Care team rescued me from there as I was brought to intensive care as quickly as possible. The hammer was deeply stuck to my head and it took time and effort to take out. Blood came gushing out and I started losing pints of blood. This is where I got my name from. I was unconscious and under intensive care for 3 months. Slowly, I gained awareness and I was able to respond like I used. With the support of Sneha’s care team, I was able to make a full recovery. But I was a lot of bother and hassle to the team, along with a lot of resources spent on me.

Dog lovers like yourselves are the reasons, I had the opportunity to make a full recovery. Many other dogs have a healthy and privileged life at the shelter, due to donors like you. Hence, supporting us by adopting and sponsoring shall make a huge difference in the lives of these under-privileged dogs.

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