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Name: Emily

Age: 4 years

Color: Creamy

Sex: Female

About me: A sweet, playful girl with a creamy coat. This is who I am. A friendly dog in both looks and behavior. The shelter team always enjoys playing with me and a few of my friends, at least once a day. I look forward to this all day long. Along with playtime, I and my dear doggo friend Kilo are avid biscuit enthusiasts and can’t contain our excitement, once we know biscuits are being fed. We run in circles repeatedly in anticipation of those tasty treats.

Why Adopt/Sponsor me: I was living a normal pet dog’s life when suddenly I got sick out of nowhere. My family tried but later gave up on me, once I became a bother for them. Then the streets became my home and I roamed freely scavenging, which was not that bad but a horrible person decided to practice his dark thoughts on me. He wrapped a rubber strip around my neck and started choking, suffocating me, tearing the skin of my neck violently. My cries and shouts must have caught the attention of a few concerned individuals, who called the team. I was saved and instant medical care was provided to me. The team tried stitching my neck wound but it was a mess. With the best medical care a dog could have, they were able to save me. But it took ages to regain my health back, with daily dressings and a slow recovery.

I am doing alright now as my injuries are all healed but staying at the shelter is costing them a fortune. The team doesn’t complain about my presence here but they are trying to find a home for me where further special care can be provided to me. So if you want to adopt a friendly girl, I’m available.

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