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Name: Deepika

Age: 4 years

Color: Brown and White

Sex: Female

About me: Namaste. This is Deepika. I have a hard time socializing at the beginning but now I actively play with my doggo friends. The shelter team has supported me a lot through my past, so I have learned to trust and let others in my personal space. Going on walks with the shelter team and my fellow mutts, is one of the highlights of my day, as I love exploring and sniffing around new places. Hehe.

Why Adopt/Sponsor Me: It was on a rainy day in the streets of Kalanki, during monsoon. I was just a few months old pup, roaming in search of my next meal, which I had no clue where to find. Weak and under-nourished, I was looking for a place to find cover from the rain. The roads were muddy and wet, which lead me to a mud pit, where I got stuck and struggled to get out. I cried and howled in help, but no one came. The mud had covered all of my body and I was starting to suffocate, as it was getting inside my nostrils and mouth. Luckily, Sneha’s care team were working on the buffalo transportation campaign around that area and they saw me struggling. I was rescued in a jiffy. I am all grown up now and I call the shelter my home. But the past left me emotionally scarred and I take time trusting others.

There are a lot of mutts at the shelter, with harsher stories than mine. We have been able to call this place a home due to generous souls like you. We all want to get adopted and have a family of our own too. If adoption is not possible, do support us with your donations and sponsorship, as it takes a lot to run and sustain this shelter.

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