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Name: Brandy

Age: 5 years

Color: Black and White

Sex: Male

About me: I am a loud dog, who barks at anything I am not familiar with. Sometimes the neighbors at the shelter complain about the noise I make. I have a unique habit of playing humans instead of dogs. All my companions are humans. It’s hard for me to get along with dogs. I love it when they focus all their attention on me. You can always see me hanging with the shelter team instead of the dogs at the shelter.

Why Adopt/Sponsor: I was left outside the shelter as a sick puppy by someone, expecting that Sneha’s care would take care of me and yes they did. The streets treated me mercilessly as I was malnourished and dehydrated heavily. I was offered a warm meal right after I reached the shelter and now I had a cozy place to sleep in. My weak body slowly recovered and I gained back my real body weight. Now I have adapted well to the shelter setting as I’ve spent most of my life here at the shelter.

I am healthy and well but me being here might be costing the shelter a position where another under privileged dog can be helped. My comfort level with humans makes a adoptable and adorable pet to make friends with. Can you adopt me?

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