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Name: Amar

Age: 5 years

Color: Brown

Sex: Male

About me: There is a Brown dog gang at the shelter, with three members and I am one of them. We are like the back benchers of the classroom, as we hand out around the back block of the shelter area. We are always together playing, resting, sleeping, etc. We even play with the humans together. The brown gang is famous for their mischief and making the shelter team laugh by our foolery.

Why Adopt/Sponsor me: My story starts with an injured leg that brought significant change to my life. A motorcycle rider in a hurry collided with one of my leg and my Sneha’s care journey started with a dog lover informing the team about my condition. My injured leg was wobbly and unstable, with extreme agony coursing through it. Everyone might have heard my loud howl after the accident. My leg was instantly looked at by the vet doctor and suggested the appropriate medical treatment for it. It took some time for my leg to recover, even with the medical care but my leg was to its good condition like before. The team involved me in different walking therapies and I was able to able to stand and walk on my own feet, with ease.

But with time, I have grown accustomed to the shelter and my chances to go back to the streets are slim. I am in search of a nice family and home, who can care for me and I can care back too. So will you adopt me and give me a new home?

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