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Name: Wilbur

Age: 7 years

Color: White

Sex: Female

About me: Wilbur is my initially assigned name but I also go by the name Chature too. I get excited and playful hearing both names and come running towards you, if called. I am a bit sly and opportunistic, always looking for chances to run around and find food. I love playing with Maya, our caretaker, as she chases me around the shelter and gives me relaxing belly scratches. 

Why Sponsor me: Sneha Shrestha rescued me along with other six of my piggy friends from Kailali. I was being bred for meat, so my caretaker only cared about bulking me up. I was fed anything and no nutritious diet was available so I had overgrown to my natural size. We were a total of six pigs congested inside an uncomfortable, unsafe enclosure. No protection from the extreme heat and the pouring rain. We were raised to be slaughtered for food, so proper care was not focused towards us. After being rescued, we were brought to Sneha’s Care Farm Animal Sanctuary, where appropriate care was provided to us with a suitable environment for our livelihood. A safe place to play and run around, without the fear of being slaughtered. Taking care of farm animals like us requires a lot of financial support and other resources. More animals are being rescued and added to the sanctuary. Voluntarily bearing the expenses of any farm animal will help them secure a life with less suffering. Will you sponsor any of us?

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