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Mr. Piggles

Name: Mr. Piggles

Age: 9 years

Color: Black

Sex: Male

About me: Oink! Oink! I go by the name Mr. Piggles. I am most of the time either eating something, sleeping or getting belly rubs. Belly rubs are the best, especially from my best friend Sneha, who I really adore. My size may intimidate people but after getting to know me, everyone finds me friendly and safe. I am a bit mischievous sometimes when I get too excited to play with my other piggy friends. I am a bit of a celebrity too as I have been featured in a few news articles but I don’t let the fame get into my head. Hehe. 

Why Sponsor me: My past contains a lot of struggles and hardships before being rescued to Sneha’s care. I was living out in the open being tied to a pole at Kailali, in harsh heat and rain with no protection over me. When she heard that I was going to be slaughtered, my Savior Sneha Shrestha hurried towards Kailali and saved me. I was brought to Kathmandu and resided in the Sneha’s Care farm animal sanctuary. Now I live at the sanctuary with my several piggy friends, causing mischief and trouble all around. All the animals at the sanctuary appreciate Sneha’s care altruism but nurturing and taking care of us doesn’t come cheap, as we are in huge numbers at the sanctuary and expenses keep piling up. A little help from your side can do wonders in the lives of these rescued animals and guarantee a secured life they deserve. So will you help us by sponsoring any one of us?

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