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Name: Sneha 

Age:  7 years

Color: White

Sex: Female

About me: Hello everyone! I was named after our Dear friend and savior Sneha Shrestha. Everybody at the shelter adores her and it was a pleasure being named after her. Sneha and I have quite a similar temperament as we both love to play and love our shelter family. I am very close with my shelter buddies, especially the piggy gang, as we are always together wherever we go, the seven of us. I love it when new visitors come to feed and interact with me. I always try to get belly rubs and scratches from them. So, hope you give me one, if you come visit the shelter. Hehe.  

Why Sponsor me: Similar to the stories of my other fellow piggy friends, we were all saved by Sneha Shrestha from Kailali and brought to Karyabinayak Bhanjyang, Lalitpur, where we currently reside. We had no idea of how horribly we were raised. Only when we arrived at the shelter and were given proper care and attention that we realized we were treated unfairly, formerly in life. Six pigs with inadequate space and unhealthy quality and quantity of food. We are really thankful towards Sneha rescuing us, as we were bound to be slaughtered, without even exercising any freedoms in life. The life at the shelter is great, with consistent care and a lot of friends to play with. I am happy here at the shelter but I am taking up resources, which I know is quite difficult to provide. My expenses along with other farm animals keep piling up and a little help from your side can do wonders for us. So will you sponsor any of us and make our lives a bit easier?


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