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Name: Whity 

Age:  7 years

Color: White

Sex: Female

About me: Namaste everyone! This is Whity. I am one of the members of the infamous piggy gang at the shelter. The origin of my name is quite simple, as I was named Whity because of my white coat. Despite being mischievous, I am the friendliest one in the bunch. So I love it when new visitors come and interact with me. My cute charm is quite hard to resist as I go oinking around with my cute curly tail and playing with visitors is one of my favourite things to do. 

Why Sponsor me: My story starts from Kailali with my other piggy friends. We were bred for meat consumption so we were not provided much freedom, as we were only expected to bulk. All of us were overweight and it was difficult for us to mobilize ourselves. We were living very unhealthy lives and no one cared except for Sneha Shrestha, who noticed the unfair and inhumane way we were raised and kept. She rescued us from that horrible place and gave us a home, to freely move around and exercise our will to live. We were back to our natural weight and I enjoy my time here at the farm animal sanctuary. However, with more animals in need being rescued and brought to the shelter, the numbers are growing. The chances of farm animals being adopted are rare, so a little help towards Sneha’s Care can help us live a more fulfilling life. Can help sponsor one of us and support Sneha’s Care in their journey?

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