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Name: Kishan

Age: 4 years

Color: Black and Brown

Sex: Male

About me: Jumping around and dashing all over the place is one my passions at the shelter. I know how to maneuver my body around corners in high speed. I am a quick and flexible dog, who can play for significant intervals of time. I am very comfortable at the shelter as I was here from a very young puppy age. I get a little insecure leaving the shelter as the outside is unknown to me and I don’t want to take the risk. Despite that, I am very friendly with both human and dogs and the shelter teams adores me.

Why Adopt/Sponsor me: Me and my sister Gopini entered Sneha’s care, as little puppies. We were taken in by the shelter team and given a home. Our feeble little bodies were malnourished and weak. Proper care and medical attention was given to us, as we made a recovery from our weak, miserable states. At first, it was difficult for us to adjust to the new environment, as other older dogs were a bit territorial. But with time, we got comfortable with everyone and we were part of the whole group. Both of us are very comfortable at the shelter. We are healthy yet we cannot go back to the streets. We are taking up the resources of the shelter, where another underprivileged dog can benefit of. So, if you are looking for a friendly dog who loves staying at home, then I am the guy for you.

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