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Name: Brownie 

Age: 7 years

Color: Black

Sex: Male

About me: My fur may seem black but there are shades of brown on my back, hence my name Brownie. I love roaming around the greenlands of the shelter and playing with my gang. Sometimes our mischiefs get the best of us and other members of the shelter get offended. Our piggy gang is quite tight and we go everywhere together, oinking and dashing everyone in the process.

Why Sponsor me: Sneha Shrestha rescued me from Kailali along with my five besties (piggies) from being slaughtered for meat. We were kept in rough conditions with all of our animal rights being breached. Me and my piggy friends were confined in a small space, waiting for the day we might be butchered but thankfully our savior Sneha came in and rescued us from such a horrendous situation. Now we live freely with our gang at the Sneha’s Care shelter, playing and roaming around. We are a gang of seven piggies and together we consume a lot of resources. Though we enjoy our time here at the shelter, a lot of attention and care is required from us, so it is not so easy for our caretakers to consistently provide for us. A little help from your side might help us guarantee a more secure life at the shelter. Hope you can sponsor one of us and help us out.

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