Plant Based Diet & Advocacy

Through training and workshops, Sneha’s Care seeks to promote plant-based diets among people. Since 2017, we have started to promote veganism in Nepal. The purpose behind this program is to protect the animals, improve the environment, and boost human health. It is undeniable that consuming meat and dairy products increase the risk of health problems like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, food poisoning, etc. We inform individuals that compared to animal goods, plant-based meals are more nutrient-dense and healthier. The growing consumption and usage of animal products have led to an increase in animal cruelty. Therefore, the goal of these workshops is to help build a world that is more compassionate and just for all living beings.

We collaborate with different community groups, women groups, clubs, schools, etc. to organize workshops or events like Vegan Festivals to promote more plant-based diets.