Through training and workshops, Sneha’s Care seeks to promote plant-based diets among people. Since 2017, we started to promote veganism in Nepal. The purpose behind this program is to protect the animals, improve the environment, and boost human health. It is undeniable that consuming meat and dairy products increase the risk of health problems like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, food poisoning, etc. We inform individuals that compared to animal goods, plant-based meals are more nutrient-dense and healthier. The growing consumption and usage of animal products have led to an increase in animal cruelty. Therefore, the goal of these workshops is to help build a world that is more compassionate and just for all living beings.

We collaborate with different community groups, women groups, clubs, schools, etc. to organize workshops and events like Vegan Festival(VegFest)to promote veganism.


Since 2017, Sneha’s Care has also been promoting vegetarian/plant-based diet as one of its core objectives. The Veganism and Community Outreach Movement (VEGCOM) project is one of the most important projects implemented in Kathmandu Valley (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts). The project intervention has targeted women groups (women co-operatives, women self-help groups, mothers’ groups, women housewives’ groups and different other women groups) to educate them regarding the plant-based diet at the household level.


Initiation for ToT(Training of Trainers); On the 15th of October,2022  2 batches of 2-days ToT on plant-based nutrition course was conducted with the participation of 52 women. The participants were group coordinators selected during the one-day workshop who had the ability to deliver the training program to other group members. The objectives were to make participants able to conduct workshops on plant-based diet to other group members. The session included the concept of good nutrition, definition of plant-based diet and importance for human well-being. The in-depth discussion on a plant-based diet as the best option for living could eliminate the misconception that meat, dairy and other animal products are the only rich sources of good nutrition. Women were also made aware of how plant-based diets fulfill nutritional requirements. The Plate Method technique for balanced diet and how plant based sources are a better source of vitamins and minerals compared to animal products was demonstrated.

In addition to this, the workshop also educates women on Nepal’s traditional practices of animal sacrifice based on religious beliefs and the abuses animals endure during their transportation to slaughterhouses.

During the session, participants had shared that the one-day workshop has made a positive impression on women where they have expressed their willingness to change their diet plan and switch into veganism. There were many who mentioned about the obligations they face like culture, family due to which they are not able to incline into veganism. Few of them have already started to cut-off animal products from their diet. Not only the women who participated are looking to go vegan, but are keen to change the diet of their family members as well. Women have also voiced in favor of the workshop and have started to spread about the benefits and optimistic side of veganism.

The main aim for the ToT is to promote veganism and to educate women to look into the beneficial side of a plant-based diet eventually, switching into veganism.


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