School Outreach Program

Sneha’s Care conducts educational programs, workshops, and campaigns to enlighten the students about veganism and benefits of plant-based diets, which directly and indirectly relates to animal welfare issues, and ethical treatment of animals. We visit various schools as part of the “School Outreach Program” to present a workshop on the “Benefits of Being Vegan.” Secondary-level students are enlightened about animal abuse and how we can inspire change by making compassionate food choices. As long as people keep consuming meat, there will always be a high demand for it in the market, which results in animal cruelty.

Educating about veganism as a lifestyle based on compassion for animals, where people try to live by causing as less harm to animals as possible is taught during the sessions. As an organization dedicated to animal welfare, we work to rescue, care for, and shelter community animals. However, if everyone in the community is not on board and doesn’t actually care about animals, then the process of abuse and cruelty will never end. Therefore, this program is a small step toward an animal cruelty-free society by making our upcoming generation aware of the responsibilities and choices we have to make this society better for all beings. We also provide materials or booklets for students to study more about the nutritional facts of vegan foods.

During the session, we form a compassion club at the end and also provide vegan meals to the students. The reason behind providing vegan meals is to make students realize and educate about the nutrients present in non-vegan meals being present in plant-based meat and milk. Participants of compassion club along with their parents are taken for shelter visits and farms where factory farming is done in mass to aware them about how farming of animals work. Having reached more than 200 schools already, we have been able to form 200+ compassion clubs so far. Hence, this program is to encourage the students to adopt a vegan-lifestyle by educating them on the benefits of plant based diets. Sneha’s Care fosters its partnership with educational institutions and community organizations to effectively implement this program.


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