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Name: Simi

Age: 7 years

Color: White

Sex: Female

About me: Hello lovely human. Simi this side. I’m one of the eldest members of this shelter. I don’t like getting involved in fights and I love to stay in my own space.

Why Adopt/ Sponsor me: Sneha’s Care shelter has been my home since 4th December 2016. Before this, I had a family, I was happier to be around humans. They loved me at my best but they couldn’t resist me at my worst. My health was deteriorating as I developed skin problems. The people whom I called my family had abandoned me. What can be worse than having a physical illness and emotional damage at the same time? I was just one year old when I faced this situation. I was very social at the beginning. But, after being abandoned, I take my time to trust humans again. Sneha’s Care rescued me and gave me new hope and perspective on life. I’m very blessed to get the required treatment on time and I’m living a healthy life. These seven years of lifespan have shown different perspectives regarding life and humans.
I believe there are good humans too, who can understand that we’re not just a dog, not just fluffy material, or a showpiece. We’re living species like humans, we too have emotions, we too get hurt and we too have a right to live a quality life. I’m waiting for such an individual to take me to a place where I deserve to live my life happily among beautiful souls.

If you want to help me out, but cannot take all my responsibilities on your own, you can make my stay even better at this shelter by sponsoring me.

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