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Name: ROMI

Age: 5 years old

Color: White with a brownish spot

Sex: Female

About me: To be honest, I was okay with the life I was living in the community. Though I had to fight for my survival on a daily basis, I was doing fine depending on the community people for food. When I became 3 years old, I started having skin issues. I started scratching myself relentlessly to an extent that wounds appeared all over my body. I used to bleed and cry in pain due to the burning sensation I used to have. I remember people talking about me and passing down comments like, “oh, how smelly dog, how ugly, dirty and all”. Now, you are hearing my story, which means I was rescued by Sneha’s Care. 

Why adopt/sponsor me:  There was a lady who tried to help me when I was in that state but due to my fear, I never let her touch me. But, I am happy I didn’t let her, else I wouldn’t be here at the shelter and would be left in the streets. You can look at my picture and notice how I have recovered. People prefer puppies over an adult dog for adoption, but you can consider adopting me as I am too adorable and friendly. Can you be kind enough to fulfill all my needs by sponsoring me?? 

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