Age: 4 years old

Color:  Brown with a whitish spot

Sex: Male

About me: A warm Namaste to you all from me, “Rocky”(a 3-legged dog). This name Rocky suits my character as I am too cool despite having 3 legs. 4 years ago, while I was sleeping peacefully in the street, a vehicle ran over my legs making the bones of my leg crushed. I was screaming out of pain and fell unconscious in no time. The next day when I woke up, I was at the shelter surrounded by friends like me. 

Why adopt/sponsor me:  I don’t have any regrets because I got a new life at Sneha’s Care. I am among those lucky ones who are getting so much love and affection at the shelter. There are many friends in this shelter who cannot walk but I can for which I am grateful. I would like to request everyone to provide a forever home for me where I can meet new members and interact with everyone outside this shelter. I am living a much better life compared to community life but will you support me by taking care of my expenses?? 

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