Miss. Sanju Shrestha

Manager (Shelter Operations)

Since December 2022, Miss. Sanju Shrestha has been an invaluable member of Sneha’s Care, serving as a dedicated Manager of Sneha’s Care Shelter Operations. With a resolute passion for animals, Sanju’s commitment transcends boundaries, propelling her to tirelessly contribute to the organization’s growth and success. She takes the leadership in managing all the resources required for the animal shelter to function and facilitates the shelter team as per requirement. In her role as the overseer of shelter operations, she ensures the overall well-being of every animal under Sneha’s Care with kindness and compassion. Her dedication to animal welfare perfectly embodies the principles upon which Sneha’s Care was founded, making her an indispensable asset to the team. Beyond her professional commitments, Sanju is a loving mother to two children, Aarnav and her furry companion Sheru. Despite her busy schedule, she epitomizes the balance between personal and professional life, serving as a shining example of dedication and resilience.

Feel free to reach out to Sanju Shrestha at Shrestha1sanju@gmail.com


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