Name: Jasmine

Gender: Female

Found: 13.10.2017

Color: Brown

About me: Namaste I am Jasmine. I am cute and charming daughter of Laura. Long time ago I used to live with Boudhanath. I was sterilized as I was constantly harassed by males with involvement in territorial fights. My godmother Laura looked after me after my operation. She loves me the way I am.

 I am a wild, brave and

clever bitch and live outside the shelter under the supervision of Sneha’s Care as with my nature I can’t just live inside the shelter. I am brave enough to jump over 7 ft high fence from the shelter. As I always stay in the vicinity

of the animal shelter this has been my home. I live with my very loving godfather dog peanut. I also visit the Sneha’s Care frequently, I love them all.   

I don’t really enjoy being with the other dogs. I rather prefer to be with cows. I have a very special connection with young calf here. We both enjoy each other’s company I even stayed with him together when he was unwell.

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