Name: PARI

Age: 3 years old

Sex: Female

Color: Black and white 

About me: “Poor baby”, I know this is what you will call me after seeing me on wheels. But no worries, what matters the most is I am alive and am able to eat and sleep peacefully at the shelter. Let me tell you the meaning of my name, it means a fairy. Practically I can’t fly but I do have two legs. I was brought by a kind-hearted person to the shelter after I got hit by a truck while I was crossing the road. Both my hind limbs do not function so I depend on wheels for walking.

Why adopt/sponsor me: I am already 3 years old so you might have guessed that I have to be dependent upon a wheel for my entire life. I wonder how other friends like me are dealing with their lives in the community who are unable to get shelter. There would be a space for one if I get adopted. I suppose you wouldn’t be having a problem sponsoring me if not adopting. So, shall I take it as a yes from you to take care of me as long as I live?? 

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