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Name: Mearu

Age: 7 years

Color: Brown

Sex: Female

Rescued from: Sunakothi

About me: Hello, beautiful people. My name is Mearu, one of the oldest dogs in this shelter. Despite my age, I’m energetic and love to make new friends. I love to greet new people who visit us at our shelter.

Why Adopt/ Sponsor me: My story dates back to 24th November 2017, the day I was brought to the shelter, I had a tumor on my abdomen. I had a pathetic life. Living with a tumor and being unable to seek help on my own was even worse. I used to feel like these bad days had no end, and one fine day, people of the community noticed me and informed Sneha’s Care. The team came to receive me and since then, I don’t remember what pain is. They conducted a hernia surgery on me and now, I’m completely fine and healthy. Whoever said, Love is in the air, it’s true because I could feel the love in every breath I take here in Sneha’s Care. Still, I want to experience another homely environment where there are few people who make excuses for not being able to attend a get-together just because I’ll be alone at home without them. Will you be my human who will take all my responsibilities on all my good and bad days? Till the time you take me home and make me one of your family members, you can sponsor my stay at Sneha’s Care as well. Thank you for hearing me out. And I’ll be waiting for you and your warm love.

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