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Name: Jack

Age: 5 years

Color: Black and White

Sex: Male

Rescued from: Khokana

About me: I’m Jack. I’m very different from others, I’m very friendly with humans and other dogs. It doesn’t take time for you to fall in love with me once you pet me. I don’t like getting into fights like the other big dogs.

Why Adopt/ Sponsor me: As a community dog, I had developed a skin disease which made my childhood miserable until one day, I was rescued by the team of Sneha’s Care. I was just 3 months old when I was brought here. They brought me here and treated my skin problem. The love I’ve received here is exceptional. It has been 5 years already and it feels like I’ve been here since yesterday. This place never made me feel like I’m a burden to them like those community people. I never knew good people like these also exist. Now, I’m happy and looking for someone who can help the organization by sponsoring me, or I would be even happier if they take me home and include me in their family picture. I want to give all my love to you and want you to reciprocate the same with some extra treats.

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