Age: 4 years old

Color: Black 

Sex: Male

About me: I have a smiley face just like my picture. Being a 3 legged dog, the smile never fades away from my face because this is my second life and I only have gratitude for it. I do not have one hind limb but the enthusiasm to live my life to its fullest will always be there. I wonder why people don’t consider us as living beings and don’t stop their vehicles while we cross the road or while sleeping in the streets. Don’t they realize that even we can feel pain when we get hurt?  

Why adopt/sponsor me:  I was brought all the way from Sankhu, it’s too far from the shelter but my condition was so critical that if I would not have been treated on time by Sneha’s Care, I would not be alive to narrate my story now. Do you mind adopting a 3-legged dog?? You can also support me by sponsoring me. I would be grateful to you.

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