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Name: Mohan

Age: 5 years

Color: Black

Sex: Male

Brought from: Imadol

About me: Hi, I’m Mohan. I’m an extrovert by nature. I love making new friends. I’m energetic enough to follow you, wherever you go. I love welcoming my human friends by wagging my tail.

Why Adopt/ Sponsor me: Before, I was a community dog born in the streets. I have an experience regarding how miserable street life can be. There were some common faces who visited me alternately, they used to pet me, feed me, and wave me goodbye until the next meeting. It had been four-five days, and that person had not visited me, I was worried about her. I just hoped she was doing fine, and the next day I saw her across the street. I was so happy to see her, I started walking towards her and a speeding car hit me and I fell unconscious on the road. I came to know that she informed Sneha’s Care and I was brought here. Since then I’ve been residing here. I had a fracture on my right forearm due to the accident. I had an internal injury there which was treatable after surgery only. Even though my forearm is amputated, I don’t want to mourn my life. I feel complete with all I have. I don’t feel like wasting my life in sadness when I can enjoy my life in happiness. You can shower your love by sponsoring me. Also, I’m seeking a home where you can make me feel secure and loved for being me. I can’t wait to shower all the love I’ve in my heart for you. I’m waiting for you dear human.

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