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In 2014, the place was founded by an animal advocate Ms. Sneha Shrestha. Designated an NGO in 2015, the program has grown into one of Nepal’s largest animal welfare charities. It has a fully functioning veterinary and surgical clinic, 41 kennels that can house 200 dogs at one time. Currently, more than 150 dogs reside at the facility. Some are too disabled to ever leave and will live out their lives peacefully and happily. Others are being treated for medical conditions and still, others are awaiting adoptive families. In such a short time, this place has vaccinated over more than 10,000 dogs, sterilized - over 5000 dogs and has found “forever” homes for more than 200 dogs. We are the largest animal shelter in Nepal.

We need your help!


We need volunteers desperately. We currently have more than 150 dogs at the shelter. Some of our dogs are permanent residents who will be with us until the day they cross the "rainbow bridge" as they are either paralyzed, have a missing limb or have been so abused or injured in some way that we can NOT put them back on the streets knowing they couldn't survive. We have other dogs that are in the process of healing, some healthy and waiting for new homes and others who come in for sterilization and then leave us 4 days later. All of the dogs need to be fed 2 times a day, be cleaned up after, walked, washed and then there is the cleaning..... and the cleaning. There is also plenty of time to bond with a special dog or two that touches their hearts and time to rest and mingle with the dogs in the sunshine while drinking tea..... each day is busy but different. Our volunteers may want to go on rescues, release the dogs back to their communities after treatment or work with the long-term members of the dog pack..... Veterinarians will face many challenges but reap huge rewards knowing that they have saved a life or stopped a female dog from breeding on the streets. We need all sorts of skills from our volunteers but most of all, we require our volunteers to love dogs, not worry about a little dog paw dirt on their pants and know that everything they do to help one dog opens up a space for another dog to come into our care. We want our volunteers to feel rewarded and know that what they are doing is essential to our place and to the Nepali street dog and we want them to have FUN! 

P.S. Please, before you come to our shelter know that it is highly recommended that you have the rabies vaccine. If you are coming here and do not have the vaccine and you so happen to have an altercation with one of the non-vaccinated from the street dogs you will need to obtain 5 shots starting on the day of the bite. Consult with us about where to obtain the vaccination.


Type of help


Cleaning the shelter

Washing Dishes

Dog Walking

Dressing Wounds
General Maintenance
Help in the house
Animal care
Art project
Help with Computers / internet

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

You will be surrounded by people who love animals as much as you do, and they might even become your enduring friends. This widens your social circle and organizes kind people who share your attention in helping animals. You will be living, working, helping & eating with Nepali people where you can exchange the culture with.


We have a building where we keep our volunteers. One room consists of Four single bed with attached toilet/bathroom, Another two room consist of two bed in each room with Common toilet/bathroom, Kitchen in the ground floor, sharing a living room, TV & Internet. We provide three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner). The meal will be Nepali meal (Daal, Bhaat, Vegetables). We don’t provide meat in a meal. Drinking water will be available in the living room of the volunteer house (You can refill it) & you can ask for drinking water in the shelter as well. We provide unlimited Tea/Coffee. Pickup from Volunteer house to the Shelter and drop from Shelter to the volunteer house is provided.

Hours expected

10:00 Am to 05:00 PM, 6 days a week (Hours can be changed as per the help needed at the shelter)

If you believe, you are not a hard working person and cannot deal with animals, please do not apply.


Please email us if you want to volunteer with us


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We take action to STOP  the animals from suffering.

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