Name: Tiger

Age: 4 years

Color: Dark Brown

Sex: Male

Brought from: Tahachal

About me: Hello, beautiful world, myself Tiger. I’m residing in Sneha’s Care since 23rd June 2021. In this shelter, they named me tiger as they take me as the strongest survivor of the hit and run case.

Why Adopt/ Sponsor me: I was once a community dog and used to roam around the streets of Kathmandu. Every day, I wonder about so many things in life. There used to be so many questions in my mind, ‘Will I ever get a home, ‘Are such days written in my life where I don’t need to worry about food and water?’ I felt lonely seeing my friends with their humans and there was nobody to take care of me. The street life even led me to face an accident. A car hit me, and the team of Sneha’s Care rescued me. I was brought into the shelter for treatment, providing me with the required medication. Later, I came to know that my front right leg has been broken and my left leg’s nerve has been damaged. My forearms were paralyzed. On 23rd June 2021, one of my forearms was amputated followed by another forearm amputation on 2nd December 2021. Since both of my forearms have been amputated, my wounds need daily dressing preventing me from further skin problems/ infections. I need a wheelchair to run and for movement. I love the wheelchair moment, it makes me feel I’m liberal.

Even though my life experience is full of ups and downs, I have never stopped hoping for something even brighter than this place. I wish people could see the ocean of love I can give them. I know, handling me is a great responsibility, all it takes is to love me and care about me genuinely. Also, you can make my stay better by sponsoring me. Thank you!

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