Spay, Neuter, and Vaccination

Dog Population Management (DPM) aims to have a sustained influence on dog population dynamics processes to change sub-populations in a targeted way. Animal Birth Control (ABC) / Catch Neuter Vaccinate and Release (CNVR) programs are also one of the major programs of our organization where we collaborate with local government bodies, clubs, and organizations of an area to organize these kinds of camps hence controlling the population and health of the community dogs. This program has been one of our successful programs in Lalitpur where the population of community dogs has decreased. The way out of an overgrowing population of community dogs is sterilization and vaccination.

Sterilization mainly involves the spaying of females and the castration of male dogs so that they do not reproduce. Vaccination involves giving the dogs anti-rabies and distemper shots. After sterilization, the dogs do not reproduce and hence their population becomes stable. As they are vaccinated against Rabies and other diseases they do not pose any health hazard and live out their natural lives healthily and harmlessly.