Name: Pratik

Age: 7-8 years

Color: Brown

Sex: Male

Rescued from Swoyambhu

Time in Sneha’s Care: 2 years

About Me: Helloooo…. I’m Pratik! I love to play with humans and I love it when they pet me. You can spot me in the shelter easily, as I don’t have a furry and long tail like others. Even though I have got a short tail, I love to wag it whenever I see my human friends.

Why Adopt/ Sponsor me: The Pratik you see now is way too different from that Pratik two years back. I had a tumor inside my mouth and in the anal area too. I don’t have words to describe the pain I was going through. In the area where I used to roam around, people were tired of me. They contacted Sneha’s Care and asked them to euthanize me. But, the world of Sneha’s Care is different. They started my treatment and I had to undergo 2 cycles of chemotherapy against my tumor. The medication phase wasn’t easy either. With the help of Sneha Care’s entire team, I’m completely healthy.

Although I’m in my happy place right now, I’ve not forgotten my bad days or all the pain I’ve been through. Fighting with tumors, and my struggle to live a life inspires my human friends too. They call me a Warrior. If you too think that I’m a fighter and deserve to live a better life, you can sponsor me. Or else, even love is more than enough to be my friend. Thank you for hearing me out.

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