United Nations Resident Coordinator


Sneha’s Care considers itself fortunate to have Ms. Valerie Julliand on its Advisory Board. Her wealth of experience, passion for humanitarian causes, and dedication to animal welfare make her an invaluable treasure to the organization.  Ms. Valerie is presently the United Nations Resident Co-ordinator (UN-RC) for the Republic of Indonesia since 2020 A.D.

With a career spanning three decades, Ms. Julliand has been an integral part of the United Nations since 1995. In the past, she has served as a United Nations Resident Co-ordinator in the Dominican Republic(2009-2013),  Guatemala(2013-2016), and Nepal since 2016.  Before her UN tenure, Ms. Julliand served as the Program Director for Handicap International in Bosnia and Serbia. She has an extensive educational background in Political Science from the Institute d’Études Politiques in France and Social Management from the Institute de Gestion Social in her native France.

For an extended period, she has been an exemplary advocate for both Human and Animal Rights. She has adhered to a Vegan lifestyle for years and holds a certification as a Vegan Chef.  Her multifaceted skills and experience contribute to her impactful global presence. We are delighted to have received her guidance and have her in our organization’s Advisory team.

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