Name: Nola 

Age: 6 years

Color: Black

Sex: Female

About me: Olaa! It’s Nola! I am one of the two rescued buffaloes at Sneha’s Care shelter. My size intimidates other animals at the shelter as we buffaloes are of huge size. I get a bit territorial at times when the piggy gang tries to enter my personal space. Other than that, I enjoy my time at the shelter with my caretaker and best friend Maya, who feeds and baths me regularly. Bath time is my favourite as we buffaloes enjoy engaging with water, on a hot summer afternoon. 

Why Sponsor me: I was heading towards my death with my friend Carole on the back of a Tata Mobile truck. Our situation was quite sad, as we were travelling from Sarlahi to Kathmandu in a compact, tight space with very less movement and our horns, legs, tails tied. My horns and tail were bloodied up along with bruises from being whipped by the handler, all over my body. Sneha Shrestha, rescued us personally from such cruel animal transporters and delivered us to our Farm Animal Sanctuary, where we are provided enough space to feed, sleep and roam around.  Along with me and Carole, we Farm Animals are in large numbers here at the sanctuary. We are given proper care and our needs are fulfilled consistently, which is quite difficult to maintain. Some support from generous individuals like yourselves can help cover the financial burden we bear towards Sneha’s Care. Will you donate and sponsor us?

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