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Mobile Treatment

The random and unmanaged dog population and abandonment of calves and cows in the streets are often encountered in vehicle accidents, sometimes found with the intense diseased condition, CTVT, CPV, and many more. Through our mobile treatment program, we consistently work to assist animals in need of treatment.

Sneha’s Care Mobile treatment team comprises a veterinarian, technicians, and assistants, who have been working around the clock to provide necessary treatments and care to the needy community animals. We receive calls and texts on social media, hotlines, and emails on daily basis from numerous people regarding community animals who require help. Our team is always dedicated and responsive to rescue and their treatment. With the help of a vet ambulance, we rescue the animals to our clinic inside the shelter for proper examination and stabilization and if needed for long-term treatment.

The main aim of this program is to treat animals in need and sensitize the community about the welfare of animals. Through this program we have been able to spread an awareness to people for being responsible towards the well-being of animals present in their locality. Dissemination of flyers and booklets have aided in making people understand about cases related to rabies, injured and care to sick ones.



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