Sneha’s Care providing medical care to street dogs amidst Kathmandu lockdown

Sneha’s Care, an animal welfare organization,  has launched a campaign to feed hungry street animals such as dogs, cows, monkeys and birds since the first day of the lockdown enforced by the government to contain the spread of COVID-19 in April end.

Help Animals India has supported the feeding program for more than 1200 animals a day. Similarly, animal lovers from Nepal and abroad  have also contributed to this feeding program, according to Sneha’s Care.

Two teams of Sneha’s care, comprising of 8 volunteers reach to different parts of Kathmandu and Lalitpur each day for feeding the hungry souls. They provide nutritious and bulk diets including rice, lentils, dog food, boiled potatoes, vegetables and fruits to the animals,.

Animals now eagerly wait for the team of Sneha’s Care to feed them each day in the speculated time.

In addition to this, Sneha’s care is also regularly taking care of injured street animals. According to Sneha’s Care, they receive 30 calls and messages on an average of accidents, skin diseases, tumor and other incidents from community each day. They are also running the largest animal sanctuary having more than 200 rescued street dogs, cows and other rescued animals.

Meanwhile, injured and sick street animals are taking rehabilitation and medical facility at the shelter, said a press statement issued by Sneha’s Care.